Schoemans Ca Newsletter September 2012

Schoemans Registered Auditors and Chartered Accountants Accounting news for September 201206-registered-auditors-chartered-accountant

Spreadsheets – A Ticking Time Bomb

  • Consider this 

 Corruption:  The Scourge That Can Affect Your Business

  • What the survey said
  • What is happening locally?
  • Where does that leave you?    

 Is Your Business Eligible For Small Business Corporations (SBCs) Or Micro Businesses (MBs) Tax Benefits?

  • The problem
  • What happened?
  • But the Court differed
  • What can we take away?  

 Finance 101: How Seriously Do You Take Your Pricing?

  • The issues
  • What do studies show? 

 Your Tax Deadlines For September

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