Schoemans Ca Newsletter October 2012

09-schoemans-logoSchoemans Registered Auditors and Chartered Accountants Accounting news for October 2012

Time is Running Out if Your Residence is in a Trust, a Company or a Close Corporation (CC)

*   Does it make economic sense to have my residence in an individual’s name?

*   Other Considerations


As SARS Enforces Compliance With New Powers, Where Does That Leave You, The Taxpayer?

*   But it’s not all bad


Annual Duty and Annual Returns: Another Burden?

*   Why annual returns? 

*   The cost of compliance 

*   The consequences of non-compliance


Business 101: If Your Head Isn’t In the Clouds, Your IT Platform Soon Will Be!

*   How does it work – an example

*   What does this mean to you?

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