Arthur Meintjes in Malmesbury

Arther Meintjes wil be preaching in Malmesbury on the 30th and 31rst of January at Kingdom Light Church in the Cape Agri Members Centre.

About Arthur Meintjes

Years ago, while Arthur and Cathy, still lived in South Africa, he encountered God in an amazing way.

After training at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas, Arthur and Cathy returned to South Africa to start a church. During their nine-year pastorate, the church grew and prospered, but Arthur did not.

“I didn’t understand God’s grace. I preached the Word, but I got caught in the vicious cycle of legalism.”

Trying to please God through holy living, Bible reading, prayer, and all the other “dos” of Christianity, Arthur became discouraged. “It wasn’t so much that I was discouraged with ministry—we were doing all the right things and experiencing success—but I was burnt out with Christian life. I simply couldn’t do all I thought was required of me. I couldn’t answer the questions within myself: How can I ever repay my debt for Jesus’ sacrifice? Have I done enough for God? At one point, I remember feeling obligated to read twenty-five chapters of the Bible every day. And what you feel obligated to do, you eventually begin to hate.”

Arthur battled those feelings of hopelessness and despair until it nearly killed him.