6 Ways your outdated Website is killing your Business

My geyser has just burst and after I managed to switch off the water mains, and contain most of the water that is now gushing through my roof and house, I jumped on the internet looking for a plumber in my area to sort out my problem asap.

I quickly scanned through Google’s results and clicked the link of the business that caught my eye.

And then… I landed on this late 90’s style page with fonts last seen on Windows 3.1! I thought to myself, hell no! These people are not touching my pipes with tools that date back to the first industrial revolution!

And I quickly hit my back button in search for a business that actually made it past Y2K!

You and your business can be this plumber.

These days more and more people are researching products and services online and from the comfort of their own home, before they engage or contact that business.

You just have about 1/20th of a second to make a first impression about your business!

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