SwartlandHome bursting at the seams! Featured

swartlanhome-november-trafficSwartlandHome has doubled its traffic from October to November 2009 and had about 60 000 page views during November.

SwartlandHome traffic has been growing at the steady pace, growing 40% month to month in June and July.  In August and September SwartlandHome grew 20% month to month.

This growth is partly due to our ranking at Google being upgraded and partly because we are now more than one year old and people are starting to use us on a daily basis.  We have even started getting calls to our office for telephone directory enquiries!

We have come a long way since we started as Blueblog.co.za in October 2008.  We now do more traffic in one day then we did in the whole month of October 2008.  What all this means is that we really believe the R385 for our one page website is well worth the money for any business.

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