Schoemans Ca Newsletter April 2012 Featured

06-registered-auditors-chartered-accountantYour Branding: Is It Your Most Valuable Asset?
* Marketing spend is an investment
* Strengthen your balance sheet
* Register your trademark
* Avoid reputational damage!

Directors: The New Move to "Solvency" And "Liquidity" ..... Control Your Risk!
* Revised Rules in the New Companies Act
* What are "solvency" and "liquidity" tests?
* How and when must solvency and liquidity tests be performed?
* Warning!

Audit Firms to Offer B-BBEE Certification?
* The synergies and the savings

Finance 101: How Important is Information Technology to You? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself
* IT in your business
* 7 key questions.....
* .....and quantifying your risk

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