New five year Strategy for Swartland Municipality Featured

swartland-munisipaliteit-image-01A good strategy is necessary to counter any downward trends regarding the functioning of the Municipality and to move the organisation to even greater achievements. The development of a new five year Strategy for Swartland Municipality started with a strategy workshop on 9 November 2010 as part of the organisation’s process of integrated development planning.


Present at this workshop were the executive mayoral committee as well as all directors and division heads. They were asked to write down the one issue that concerns them the most about the Municipality. The issues raised dealt with the Municipality’s -financial situation; clients; workforce; services; involvement in sustainable development; organisational structure and arrangements; And protection of community safety.

From this the following seven strategic outcomes (what the Municipality wishes to achieve with all its activities) were developed:

1. A financially sustainable municipality with well maintained assets
2. Satisfied, involved and well informed clients
3. An effective, efficient, motivated and appropriately skilled work force
4. Access to affordable and reliable municipal infrastructure
5. Sustainable development of the municipal area (with special emphasis on previously neglected areas)
6. A lean, integrated, stable and corruption free organisation
7. Increased community safety through traffic policing, by-law enforcement and disaster management.

The process of developing the Strategy was continued during September, October and November 2011 when internal discussions and sessions with departments took place. This was followed by two major strategy workshops: - with all councillors, top management and external stakeholders on 1 November; and with the executive mayoral committee, directors and division heads on 8 November.

At these workshops the following was discussed and agreed upon for each of the outcomes above: the major risks and the root causes for each of the risks; the outputs necessary to mitigate or minimise the risks in order to ensure realisation of the outcomes; and the actions and accompanying processes related to each output.

The Strategy is being refined at this moment and will eventually form the core of the new Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for 2012 - 2017.

Between July 2012 and June 2017 the Strategy will form part of Management’s agenda in order to monitor the effectiveness of the processes and actions. We will continuously be asking: How is the organisation performing and are we realising our outcomes?
We will keep you informed on the development of the Strategy and also where and how you fit in.

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