Door 2 Door project 17 Sep 19:00

These are strong indications that Malmesbury (and Wesbank in particular) will come under increased pressure over the next year as a result of criminals choosing to base here. As Christians we have a role to play in this battle and we thank those church representatives who join us every two weeks to drive our door-to-door witnessing campaign. Effectively this small group will act in future as a "de facto" committee and continue to meet twice a month.

What we need however are more two and three man teams to cover the 100 streets that comprise Wesbank, one team per street. If such a team goes out one night or afternoon per week for just an hour visiting two or three homes, we will cover Wesbank in a year. Revival is our prayer. The model is for all teams to go out witnessing six weeks in a row and then all gather together on the seventh week in the evening to share testimony and fellowship together.

Currently we have three churches with teams in the field. Those teams all report blessings and growth, both for the homes visited and for the team members themselves. We need more churches to commit at least one or two teams each. Neither the teams nor the pastors of the churches they represent need to meet every two weeks – we have our committee for that already – but only once every seventh week in the evening for a great time of unity and fellowship.

On 17 September at Berachah Retreat's Almond Bridge (just opposite the low water bridge in Smuts St) we will have the first of these fellowship meetings at 7.00pm for fellowship, testimony, muffins and coffee. There will be no charge for the evening. Next time we will meet in one of the other churches participating. Please send a team from your church to this pivotal meeting. Please RSVP Mrs Hunlun at this e-mail address by 2013-09-16 who will be attending the occasion and if possible nr of people attending for preparation purposes.

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