Schoemans Ca Newsletter August 2013

It's Tax Season Again: Must You Submit a Return This Year?

  • Individuals who must submit a return
  • Companies, Close Corporations (CCs), Trusts and Juristic Persons who must submit a return
  • When must you submit your return?

The Auditors' Report - What's It Based On and Does It Reduce My Liability?

  • What is the audit report based on?
  • What does your auditor do?
  • What is the opinion on?
  • As a business owner does this reduce my liability?

Employers: What Do The New Remuneration Thresholds Mean To You?

  • What are the protections?

Retirement 101: How the Taxman Assists You With Your Retirement

  • How the tax treatment of contributions made by employer and employee varies by different fund
  • Taxation of withdrawals

Your Tax Deadlines For August

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