Schoemans Ca Newsletter April 2013

Tax Disputes: Does the "Pay Now Argue Later" Principle Still Apply?

  • The new procedure – how it works

Don't Miss the 30 April Deadline for Your New "MOI"!

You and The Budget - Good or Bad? Part 1 "The Big Picture"

  • The big picture

You and The Budget – Good or Bad? Part 2 "How Does it Affect You?"

  • How does it affect you?
  • The bottom line – and will taxes increase?

Blimey! There's Horse in My Wors and Kangaroo in My Kebab – What Does the Consumer Protection Act Say?

  • A lesson here for businesses
  • What does the CPA say?
  • Can the consumer claim for damages?

Tax Corner: Are You Ready for the 2013 Employer Reconciliation?

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