What's the Real Age test?

It's a unique calculation of your body's health age. The test was created by top doctors, including Dr. Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen, and is powered by the latest medical research.

Using Nobel-prize-winning science, the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is the product of 15 years of research & development costing over $100M.

This is the only patented instrument that can non-invasively, in 90 seconds conduct a live tissue measurement and provide an immediate anti-oxidant assessment. The BioPhotonic Scanner has revolutionised the way we look at our health, and understand that we can now be in charge of how fast we age.

Lifegen Technologies has over 30 years of research relating to our genes and how we age with a focus on how diet influences the ageing process.

Nuskin, together with Pharmanex and recently acquired Lifegen Technologies are developing award-winning innovations and breakthrough technologies in anti-aging.

I am proud to represent this company locally.

The cost of a scan is R50.

Cathy Smit

Malmesbury Advertising