Schoemans CA News September 2011 Featured

06-registered-auditors-chartered-accountantSchoemans Registered Auditors and Chartered Accountants Accounting news for September 2011

The Eighth Wonder of the Universe: The Power of Compound Interest (But Watch Your Costs!)
Compounding is a simple process - you reinvest your annual interest (or return) with your original capital and this over time has an amazing impact on your wealth.

Appointing Directors - Be Very Careful Who You Choose!
In the past directors were appointed for reasons other than merit or experience - for example, picking a family member to ensure succession.

Why is it Getting Harder to Deal with SARS?
".... while there are many complaints against service delivery in the public sector, there is one world-class Government department - the South African Revenue Service. It is as good as any revenue collection service in the world. All other departments should be benchmarked against the excellence of delivery of SARS". (Clem Sunter)

Accounting 101: Financial Statements Made Easy! This Month - The Balance Sheet
Last month we looked at John's Furniture Deliveries Income Statement. This month we look at the Balance Sheet.

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