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06-registered-auditors-chartered-accountantSchoemans Registered Auditors and Chartered Accountants Accounting news for October 2011

South African Auditors - The Best in the World!
Generally when we hear of new competitive surveys our heart sinks as they tend to confirm our worst fears - that South Africa is on an inexorable slide.

ADR: Who Wants To Wait Forever?
The Companies Act and the Consumer Protection Act contain sections on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The King Commission also endorses ADR. Why has it suddenly become so popular?

You, Your Statement of Assets and Liabilities, and SARS
It is worth noting that you will state your assets and liabilities at the cost to you. For example, you have shares that cost you R1 million and the market value has grown to R2 million - you will show these at cost i.e. R1 million.

Accounting 101: Financial Statements Made Easy!
We have in past issues covered the main principles underlying financial statements. Let's move to the area of being able to read and understand financial statements.

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