Schoemans CA news June 2011

06-registered-auditors-chartered-accountantSchoemans Registered Auditors and Chartered Accountants Accounting news for June 2011

This month we'll focus on the new Companies Act and a brief update on SARS matters.  After three years of delays, the new Companies Act became effective on May 1. It aims to align our law with global laws, make the law comprehensive, easy to interpret and use.

  • The New Companies Act: Major Changes You Need to Know!
  • Does My Company Still Require an Audit?
  • Can I Still Trade Using My CC?
  • Will My Financial Statements Change?
  • Are the Memorandum and Articles of Association of My Existing Company Still Valid?
  • Who Rules the Roost - Directors or Shareholders?
  • How Am I Affected As Director/Officer?
  • Be Aware - New Powers for Employees and Trade Unions
  • Tax Time
  • "Pay Now, Argue Later": Some Relief from SARS
  • Vat Returns - New Rules
  • Accounting 101: Financial Statements Made Easy!
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