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06-registered-auditors-chartered-accountantSchoemans Registered Auditors and Chartered Accountants Accounting news for August 2011

To Audit Or Not? Not So Simple After All

  • Issue 1: Fair Presentation
  • Issue 2: Financial Statements Internally or Externally Compiled
  • Issue 3: Independent Review
  • Issue 4: What Are "Financial Statements"?
  • So, What Should You Do?

Sharks In The Water! Will SARS be able to Search and Seize Without a Warrant?
We all have primal fears. Seeing a shark in the water is one, and finding a team from SARS on your doorstep with a search warrant - even if you have absolutely nothing to hide and are being investigated in error - is another.

Employers: How Are You Affected by the Increased Earnings Threshold?
The Department of Labour has amended the annual remuneration an employee earns to fall under the overtime and work hours provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), from R149,736 to R172,000.

Accounting 101: Financial Statements Made Easy! (Continued)
In the past few months we have examined concepts like accruals, matching, prudence and going concern. Today we'll look at the profit and loss statement.

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