PPC Riebeek Berg Marathon

07-riebeek-kasteel-berg-marathon-imageThe race, sponsored by PPC, is known as one of the most beautiful marathons in South Africa through the Riebeek Valley in the Western Cape. For the more serious runners, one can compete in the 42.2km and 21.1km marathons. Those wanting to increase their heart rates slightly can opt for the 10km run/walk or the 5km fun run/walk. The latter is a great option for participants wanting to enjoy the scenic Riebeek valley at a leisurely pace.

By marathon standards this is a challenging course but don’t be fooled by the easy first eight kilometres of the race - the next two kilometres mark a steady climb and after that you will face a hill that will test your endurance to the limit! Respite, although short comes after the top of the hill but another hill looms around the 22km mark.

There are stretches of gravel between the four and 16km marks and again around the 29km mark. The rest of the race is moderate with an easy finish.

Each finisher is presented with a commemorative bottle of wine and refreshments. Walkers are welcome to take part in the 21.1km or 10km events and there is a fun run.

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