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ads-fortisgroupFact #1 : Over 1800 farmers killed in more than 11 000 attacks in SA in 16 years

Since 1997 we have initiated and executed numerous patrols and surveillance operations on agricultural properties in South Africa, with our main base of operations and the majority of our clients being in the Free State. We now operate nationwide.

Because we are pro-active – we believe a reaction force is something that picks up the pieces

Our approach is holistic and includes farm patrols, safety training, safety plans, farm safety surveillance and security consultations.

Quick Stats : *
  • 10,5% of Farm Attack victims are murdered
  • Farmers are 3 times more likely to be killed than cash in transit security officers
  • 12% of women attacked on farms, are raped
  • 60% of victims are white men over 40.
  • Over half of attacks takes place in the main house, a third just outside and the rest on the rest of the farm.

* Source : Landbou Weekblad 5 September 2003

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