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Project Bpa Baby Bottle Exchange & Recycling Featured

01-cansa-kansa-baby-bottle-colors-imageOuers moet onthou om hulle baba bottels wat nie BPA Free kom ruil vir die regte baba bottels wat wel BPA Free is, dit is absoluut gratis! CANSA launched a viral awareness campaign in June 2011, asking members of the public to sign an online petition calling on our Minister of Health to ban the use of BPA in baby bottles.

A ban on the importation of Polycarbonate (PC) baby bottles has since been gazetted by the Minister, but not yet promulgated i.e. turned into law.

CANSA has continued advocating the use of BPA-free baby bottles in press releases and launches of CANSA Smart Choice Seal (CSCS), BPA-free baby bottle partners i.e. NUK and Nuby; a television campaign on M-Net and e-TV; radio and television interviews; and on-going campaigns on social media i.e. viral infomercials and Facebook.

Contact the West Coast office ( 022 48 21111): You can exchange your  BFA baby bottle for ‘n new BFA free baby bottle: one bottle per customer.