How to add your business/service to the Directory

Before you can add your business or service to the Directory, you need to create a user id and Login. Please go to "How to Register as an user" if you want to know how to create a user account.

1. After you have created your user account and logged in, please go to the Directory

2. Brows or Find the category where you like to list your business or service. In the example below, we browsed to Directory, Building - Home and Handy Men. Now click on the green button "+ Add your Business/Service HERE"

3. Add all your business details

4. Scroll down and add a description for your business. NB! When people search the directory, all the text in your description will also be searched. So if you provide a service like "teëlwerk", you need to add the same word in your description if you like people to find you for that specific service.

5. To add your Logo or more images, go to the IMAGES section, click on "Add an image" and then "Choose Files". This will open a box to find your image/logo on your pc to upload. If you like to add more IMAGES, just click the "Add an image" again and again until you have added all the images you like.

After you have added all your detail, click on the Submit button. atMalmesbury administrators will now have a look to see if everything is fine and approve your listing.

6. To edit your listing you have to Login again. After you have logged in, you have to brows the Directory to your business/service. Because you are logged in, you will see a "Edit" and "Delete" button at your listing. Click on the "Edit" button to edit. This will open the same form when you listed your business. Change the details you like to edit and click on the "Submit" button again.

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